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Pushkar Mela is the major attraction of the town “Pushkar”. Pushkar is one of the most important town for Hindus and known as  The ‘Kings of all pilgrimage sites’ in India for Hindus. Amidst the Aravalli Hills somewhere in the centre of Rajasthan, a very quiet and quaint town of Pushkar is located. Pushkar means Lotus flower – seat of Lord Brahma is famous as the Birth place of Lord Brahma – Creator of the world. Many believe it is the only Hindu Temple in the world for Lord Brahma.

With the Blessings of Lord Brahma – the creator of the world.

This  was my first solo trip, before that I didn’t have the guts to travel alone. So, I decided to choose a place which is not too far. Additionally, the Pushkar Mela made it even more easier for me to make it to the Amazing Pushkar.  Pushkar Mela was magnificient. Foreign tourists and Indian devotees flocked to the Pushkar Mela which takes place in the month of Karthik ( Oct-Nov).

A bit about Pushkar Mela

Opening ceremony of the fair set some really high standards. It was amazing. Colorful exhibitions and fascinating events were all part of that fair. A group of girls gave a delightful dance performance. A game of soccor was played between the locals and the foreigners. But it was too hot for that. Weather can be hot here in India, so escape the afternoon hours and stay at the Hostlel instead.

I came back again in the evening  & took the first ever camel ride. I missed the Hot Air Baloon Ride which could have been an amazing experience as well. It take place twice a day – morning and evening. And finally in the evening there was a music concert which was breathtaking.

All these activities were part of the magnificient Mela which continues for five days. I stayed there for the first couple of days and enjoyed a lot. Though my travel may be in short bursts but its not an escape rather an heart fulfilling adventure.

Pushkar has to lot to offer besides the Fair – Cafes and Bazaars. I don’t like shopping much and it is beneficial for me as it don’t empty my pocket much and help to travel in Budget. But I love to explore new cafes.

Places to Eat in Pushkar

  • Funkey Monkey Café ( Nice Food)
  • Laughing Buddha Café ( Too Tiny)
  • Out of the Blue ( Amazing Rooftop View)
  • Try Lassi in Pushkar as well. It gets you high especially Out of the Blue special lassi.

Places to Stay in Pushkar

  • Zostel
  • Madpackers Hostel
  • Hotel Oasis

Madpackers Hostel ( where I stayed in Pushkar) – I would rate it really high. Rooms were big and clean. Beds were tidy. Views from the top was so amazing that you could spend hours sitting there. Breakfast was included in the stay and it was healthy and tasty. This was my stay in a hostel too.

Lots of Firsts here

  • First solo trip
  • First stay in Hostel
  • First camel Ride ( Have you ever ride a Camel ? )
  • Finally the First Blog.

Musicians &  Magicians all form part of the Mela, may sound mystic. But these fairs and festivals bring you close to the rich culture of the state. Pushkar is a small town with very little population. On the eve of the Pushkar Fair, it seems like there are more foreigners than Indians. Pushkar Lake is considered to be sacred and has become a place for Hindu pilgrimage because of this Holy Lake.

Several Ghats, Camel Safari in the deserts, Hot Air Balloons, Lot of Foreigners, colorful Bazars. What more you can expect from a tourist destination in India. People are really warmth and wise. Pushkar Mela is magnificient. People come from every part of the world to see Pushkar Mela. It’s a paradise for photographers. There can be no country as awesome as India. More amazing places from this country will be covered in future Blogs. Pushkar is serene and do visit it once when in  India.

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