Hi there. I’m an Indian Blogger

And the guy behind unraveltravel.net ( obviously). I love to travel and like to write about the insights of travel. I will try not to sugarcoat my experience here.

My passion for writing and love for travel has brought me here. And if you have landed on this page, so there must be love for travel from your side as well. I haven’t traveled  dozens of countries ( you need money for that) but that does’nt lessen my passion for travel. Everyone is neither privileged to convert pounds into Rupees nor with high sources of Income. But still you can travel and enjoy in Budget.

Travel. One word that means a lot of things to lot of people. For some it’s a pleasure escape, for some an adventure, for me its an experience. And I want to experience it all – unique cultures, different cuisines.

ONE question you always come across is “ What is the cheapest country to travel”? And the best answer I come across is the country where you live. Major expenses are usually the expensive flights. Every country has something to offer. And when you are from country like INDIA. Then what to worry. Land of Gods what you call it. So, here I am to explore India and share the best and wonderful experiences from this amazing country.

 Why this Blog ?

Many people dream about dropping out of the rat race. But its not easy for everyone rather most of us. So, I am not asking you to quit your day job and travel the world. But like me continue to hang on to one and try to find extra time, extra money and most important extra leaves for your favorite love – TRAVEL.

Travel certainly has built in financial costs but there are ways to travel more effectively and less expensively. You must be reading lot of blogs about India from travel expats around the world. Why not try the indigeneous Indian Blogger. I will travel around different and most important cities of the country and share you the inquisitive details about my travel. Travel certainly has built-in Financial costs but there are ways to travel more effectively and less expensively.

Lets unravel.


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